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Verify dental services and benefits for your patients quickly and easily.

The Provider Web Portal offers better workflows that streamline care for your patients. This tool also has search and eligibility verification services to more easily interface with payer and plan information. Take advantage of its usefulness as a starting point to enter claims estimates and pre-authorizations efficiently.

What does the new dental portal offer?

Eligibility Verification

The Provider Web Portal allows you to verify eligibility quickly and efficiently.

Claims Estimates

The portal will allow you to log in and view your claims estimates. The system will provide you with important information about the availability of your patients’ dental benefits, as well as any exceptions that may affect the processing of your claim.

Pre – Authorizations

The portal will allow you to enter and submit pre-authorizations electronically, ensuring a quick and secure exchange of information between the provider and the insurer.

Information Center

The integrated Information Center provides updates on your submitted claims and pre-authorizations and gives you access to documents such as rates and payment remittances.


The Provider Web Portal allows you to view, save, and print multiple reports such as eligibility reports, patient history, and more.

Our user-friendly Provider Web Portal has many amazing features and tools.

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